Electronic Charting

Phone Based Timekeeping System

How It Works:

  • Caregiver uses client’s home phone to call a specific toll free number, when they arrive at a client’s home and again when they leave
  • All clients’ home phone numbers are recognized by the system
  • The system automatically records caregiver’s access code, check-in and check-out times and verifies caregiver’s location based on client’s home phone number
  • If a caregiver uses another phone to check-in or check-out, the call will be received and flagged as a call from an unknown number
  • System is web based and times are recorded instantly
  • Supervisor knows the location of all caregivers at all times
  • Reports show all late arrivals and early departures by caregiver

How This Affects Patient Care:

  • Care givers put in the maximum scheduled time for care
  • Seamless and timely communication between caregivers and office staff
  • Minimize lateness to visits

Electronic Charting

  • From October 2010 Alpha moved to Electronic Charting.
  • These allows Alpha to collect and manage patient data online
  • The office has minute-by minute visibility of what’s happening throughout the agency

Case Manager Portal:

  • Our system provides Case Managers access to their patient’s complete documentation online
  • Case managers can see when visits are made, the services provided and other comments concerning the patient care
  • Case managers can also communicate their concerns to the office through this secure site

Physician Portal:

  • Physician can see all services provided by all other caregivers
  • It provides instant access to all critical information at all times, while at work, during evenings, on weekends and while on vacations
  • The Physician can run reports that will help analyze client’s condition. Physicians can also communicate with every other caregiver involved in a specific client’s cares
  • It is important to note that Physicians or Case Managers can only be given access to their specific clientss

How It Affects Patient Care:

  • Our clinical documentation is more complete, accurate, and submitted quicker
  • A significant reduction in, paper handling and data entry errors
  • Constant and seamless communication between all caregivers
  • Instant Accesses to Complete and Current patient information, Any Time & Any Where including Reports
  • Increased Communication and Coordination between all caregivers
  • Increased Quality of patient care
  • Reduced Re- Hospitalization

These systems are excellent tools that go a long way to monitor our operations, which is what is lacking in other agencies. They also give us all the time to focus on what we do best, which is PATIENT CARE.