About Us

Alpha Home Healthcare is a locally-owned and privately operated home health agency. We provide care to a diverse clientele with varying health conditions and personal care needs which we address on a daily basis, intermittently or on specially arranged schedules based on the client’s preference.

In our effort to ensure that no less than the best quality of care is received by clients, we closely coordinate with the physician or primary care provider. The care plan that we develop for each client must be aligned to the prescribed treatment to promote faster recovery and quality of living at home.

The flexibility, affordability and conveniences of home health care have made it become a highly sought-after solution for both individual clients and families in Ohio. We enable clients to stay at home for as long as possible while avoiding long-term hospitalization or re-admission in a care facility.

As always, whenever you need us, Alpha Home Healthcare will be here! You can count on us to deliver the best possible care that you and your family expect from our home health care agency.